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  • Over 50 years of industry experience
  • Huge range of machines from the leading manufacturers
  • Fully trained service team
  • We install your machine free of charge
  • Provide full training on the machine at time of install



  • No hidden charges
  • Purchase or lease contracts available
  • Flexible leasing options
  • No charges on some contracts when the Royal Mail change their rates 
  • Free logo and return address installed onto your machine
Why Frank Your Post?

   Save money compared to stamps

We supply Mailmark machines which benefit from an even lower postage rate

Maintain a professional image

Reinforce your business on your post, by adding your logo

Save time queuing up for stamps at the post office

Mailmark™ - what is it? 
The privatisation of the Royal Mail brought about many changes including the launch of a brand new product with a lower postage tariff than can be achieved via a SMART franking machine.
This NEW product is called Mailmark and it will always be the lowest cost tariff for sending any single franked letter.

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